January 14, 2021
Myths and facts about fake watches

Nonsense! Counterfeiters today readily make watches which are exactly the exact same weight.

Fake Watch Myth #1: Fake Watches Are Lighter Than Real Watches

Nonsense! Counterfeiters today readily make watches which are exactly the exact same weight. How? Well, they're utilizing the exact same ETA moves as the first producers or instant source copies. Therefore weight is no more an acid test.

Fake Watch Myth #2: It's Not Complicated

You may see that complications never operate on imitation watches. It's correct that in many instances they don't. But a lot of luxury watches don't have any complications except that the date, which might operate on a fake opinion. Hence, the complication evaluation is generally not use full in separating the fakes from the real.

Fake Watch Myth #3: The Date Bubbles On Fake Rolexes Don’t Magnify Enough

It was that the "Cyclops," the lens within the date on a Rolex didn't magnify 2.5 occasions to a fake Rolex. That's not too hard to pretend anymore. I've observed several imitation Rolex watches with the suitable magnification. I wouldn't rely on this as a litmus test.

Fake Watch Myth #4: A Real Movement Means A Genuine Watch

Perhaps you have noticed that moves on imitation watches are not precisely the same? Just how wrong that is. Most watch brands now buy their movements out of ETA, the world's biggest provider of mechanical motions. The counterfeiters are now able to purchase Japanese or Chinese reproductions or really real ETA Movements from secondary resources.

Replica watches nowadays look fairly similar to original ones, do not they? What do you think?


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